FEIT Electric has been in business in the United States since 1978 and has a large distribution warehouse in Pico Rivera, California. Their offering of LED lamps and bulbs include, but are not limited to, Intellibulbs, A-Line, Decorative, Reflectors, Retrofit Kits, original Vintage, color and Specialty, PL & Linear. To complement their Lamp and Bulb offering, Feit offers LED lighting for Pendant & Bath Vanity, Ceiling & Color Selectable, Utility Lights, Grow Lights and Decorative Exterior and Security Lights. As an added bonus, Night Lights and LED Flashlights.

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FEIT Electric

Full line of LED lamps, bulbs and requested luminaires. From decorative bulbs, to “A” lamps, recessed trims and retrofit kits of all types. Feit has been in the game since the onset of LED.

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