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New Products From Arlington Industries

SNAP2IT® Connectors with Insulated Throat
SNAP2IT® Connectors with Insulated Throat
Non-Metallic Push-In Connector
IN/OUT BOX™ For Fans and Fixtures
Liquid-tight, Concrete-tight Zinc Fitting
8 x 10 Steel TV BOX™
Flush-to-Floor Cut-In Boxes
Solar Photovoltaic Connectors
Black Button NM Cable Connectors
Non-Metallic Enclosure Boxes
Non-Metallic RainBox
Adjustable IN/OUT Box for Ceiling Fixtures
Recessed Power/Low Voltage TV Box Kit
IN/OUT BOX™ Plastic Outlet Boxes
Retrofit SNAP2IT® MC Cable Connectors
The SCOOP™ Cable Entry Devices

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