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New at GT Sales in 2016

Logico – We understand the importance of the design, production, distribution and integration phases of the low voltage systems industry. This has allowed our team of professionals to develop innovative, cutting-edge solutions that place our customers a step ahead of the competition.

Category 5 Cables – Our cable designers can effectively provide self-shielding for wire pairs within the network media.

Coax Cables – The cable is protected by an insulating jacket. Coaxial Cable supplies electrical signals without interference.

Security Cables – Security/Station wire is suitable for alarm security systems and other low voltage electrical hookup applications. Use it to connect door and window sensors, motion detectors, keypads as well as other hardwired accessories to your alarm panels. Ideal for indoor remote control of security, intercom, and sound systems. Can also be used for powering limited-control circuits.

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Security Cables

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