Our factories offer many products used in residential projects. Some examples include track homes, spec homes, luxury homes, twin homes, condominiums or multi-family developments. Here you will find a few examples of our top selling products in the residential industry.


Danfoss aims to bring the full benefits of efficient heating systems to the residential market.

  • Heating Mats
  • Ice and Snow Melting
  • Roof and Gutter De-icing


Panasonic is the leader in high performance ventilation for their projects, with solutions that are built to last.

  • Ventilation Solutions
  • WhisperFit® EZ
  • WhisperGreen Select™ (Pictured)
  • WhisperGreen Select™


Cantex® offers a complete line of extruded and injection molded electrical conduit, duct, fittings, accessories, switch and outlet boxes.

  • EZ Box® (Pictured)

Arlington Industries

Arlington Industries manufactures products that meet or exceed the changing needs of electrical distributors and contractors, with the vast majority of our products manufactured in America.

  • Box Extenders (Pictured)
  • Fan & Fixture Boxes
  • Gard-N-Post™
  • Home Theater Audio / Video
  • INBOX™ Weatherproof Boxes
  • Low Voltage Cable Management
  • Siding Mounting Blocks
  • Floor Boxes
  • NM Cable Fittings
  • Cord Grips
  • Grounding

Residential Projects

GT Sales is proud to offer products from top manufacturers in the Residential industry.