Voltec Power & Lighting has over 30 years of experience in the manufacturing & distribution of premium power and lighting products, servicing the needs of the Electrical, STAFDA and Industrial Distributors. With our high standard of quality manufacturing and new product development, we strive to maintain the most complete breadth-of-line product offering in the market place today. Our EXTREME All-Weather line of products are 100% exclusively manufactured at our USA facilities in Newark, NJ and Anderson, South Carolina. We know and understand that growth is directly related to new products. So here at Voltec, with a focus on efficiency and innovation, we strive to bring you the right products to help grow our partnership and enhance your margins. We have trained and honed our personnel to provide excellence through prompt, efficient and friendly customer service. Our goal is to surpass your expectations. Voltec Power & Lighting is where Quality, Value and Innovation come together!

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Voltec Power & Lighting

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